opening: 3rd May 2024

04.05 - 30.06.2024

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Vestergade 29
8000 Aarhus C

Her artistic practice revolves around collecting objects in images and placing the individual images in relation to one another. The picture panels created in these compilations are reminiscent of display panels from a museum and pretend to be objective, although they often have an inherent playful, associative lightness. The objects that are placed in a new context in this way are on the one hand objects that could come from natural history collections, such as prepared butterflies or magnolia blossoms, and on the other hand objects from the consumer world, such as a Korean bodyshaping suit or a red designer chair, in or on which the photographer depicts herself and thus relates herself to the objects.
Putting one’s own body in relation to the environment and the objects to be examined is an elementary aspect of Barbara Proschak’s artistic practice. A physical confrontation with what she has found is also the subject of her current series of overdrawings, in which the artist overwrites printed photographs with small vertical lines, which, placed close together, produce strips of color, bars of color and finally areas of color. They are transformations of photographs achieved through painterly intervention.
In her works, Proschak creates a new, art-immanent reality – on her picture panels by creating unexpected connections between individual images and her overdrawings, in which she transforms the factuality of the world into a pictorial space for searching and experiencing. Her works are interventions in the known and familiar, questioning the expected. It is always about the search for new forms, for new possibilities of perception, interpretation and the ongoing process. In Proschak’s works, the pictorial narrative always remains open. No facts are presented here, but new associations are playfully provoked.

Text originally by Benjamin Dörr